Making Fantasy Formula 1 Better

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A few years ago, I tried the official Fantasy Formula 1 game. Within a few weeks of the season starting I found my interest and engagement waning. It was too complex for me and other casual fans. So I talked to my brother and decided to make something better. I eventually named it Pitlane Picks.

How would you explain this to a casual Formula 1 fan?

Pitlane Picks is a fantasy sports game for Formula 1 for casual fans. Each season, players can join private groups where they can compete with friends to score points during the 24 race weekends that make up the F1 season. The groups have leaderboards and allow posts and reactions to encourage communication between competitors.

What makes this stand out?

The current fantasy sports games for Formula 1 are used, but engagement is low and the game is widely disliked. Pitlane Picks, on the other hand, is simple and players have found it fun (2 seasons so far, 100% player retention).